Why a Postpartum Doula

Doulas have existed since humans have had babies in community. A doula is someone who shows up fully to give skilled, effective and dynamic support during the tender time around birth. It is non-medical care that tends to all of the other areas which are being affected when a baby comes. Working with a doula is a collaborative effort to establish flow in the home, and alleviate some of the acute burn out that can happen when parents are going at it alone. I envision a return to past traditions where assistance was inherent to the experience. Until that time comes, and in order for it to do so, we must actively call upon others for care. I see this as both the most vulnerable and brave thing a human can do.

Why Raegan

This vocation emerged naturally from many years of offering practical support as a nanny and caretaker, as well as my passion for women's health and the sacred time surrounding childbirth. When I found myself assisting loved ones through threshold moments of birth and death, it became necessary to seek out relevant education. After finishing my undergraduate studies in English Literature, I have completed yoga and doula trainings abroad and locally, as well as silent meditation retreat. These have bolstered my lived experiential understanding of the perinatal time, and grown confidence in my ability to attend and hold space for its multifaceted, layered, and variable nature. My intention is to help facilitate an empowered, integrated and whole postpartum journey, and maybe re-enchant it along the way.



A solid foundation of care, either to build upon or leave as is. It includes: one 2-hour session pre-birth to discuss postpartum vision, plan and preparation; four home-cooked, organic and restorative meals delivered ready to eat; 20 hours of in-home support providing services from the list below.
Additional hourly care (dependent on availability) $30/hr

One Full Month


The baseline commitment is to occur over the first month postpartum. Either within one week or spread over the course of four weeks, it is up to you and your family's unique situation and needs. The two reservation windows are available for booking our time together. Morning (7:30-11:30) or afternoon (12:00-4:30) block, depending on availability and your needs.

Optional Add-Ons

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